How Writing a Blog Can Help With Mental Health

Today is an important day for me. Today, I will have written 50 blog posts. That may not seem like many, but trust me, it’s a ton for someone like me. I started writing blogs as a form of outlet, almost like journaling. My anxiety was creeping back, even though I had a significant arsenal of coping mechanisms. Journaling was not one of those methods that I had tried before. Also, I wanted to give back to the world somehow. There is already too much suffering in the world and I wanted to add a contribution to help, even just one person, suffer a little less.

I received an email today about my blogs. I was so overwhelmed because it was an appreciation email. They loved my writing and wanted to let me know that they loved it so much, they couldn’t stop reading. This is what it is all about, my friends. Blogging is more than just writing about my problems, it’s finding solutions and helping those with the same problems, solve their problems. So many people in this world just care about themselves. I completely understand that mentality because life had me feeling this way for a very long time. I found this was helpful to get what you wanted in life, but you aren’t really contributing in the best way you can.

Two months ago, I decided to take a journey to help people, rather than just help myself. I wanted to help graduate students that were experiencing mental health and giving helpful ways to cope. I also wanted to help with their fitness, but soon found that focusing on mental health needed more of my attention. Don’t worry though, more fitness blogs will surely follow. I found that the more I wrote, the more feedback I received, the less anxious I became. Journaling is a good coping mechanism, but mixing it with giving helpful advice, well that’s a recipe for success.

I have found a little place in this world of blogging, my niche. And in so, I have found that my anxiety, my stress, my depression, have been reduced to levels I haven’t seen in years. I wish I could go back in time and just tell myself that it will be a long journey, but one where you find yourself, at least I have found 28 year old Ben. I may be a lot different in 5 years ;P.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, any form of mental health, I want to add one more coping mechanism to your toolbox, and of course that is blogging. It has helped me to express myself and openly to other people. There are so many people in the writing community that have been so supportive. Honestly, the blogging is a way to cope with my anxiety, but, you, the reader, have helped to significantly reduce my anxiety. Thank you so much, blogging community! I owe you more than you know.

**If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues, I highly recommend that they seek help. or are great ways to reach out to a licensed therapist and get the help needed. Therapy has 100% helped me and I know it can help you.

11 thoughts on “How Writing a Blog Can Help With Mental Health

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience. I’ve been guilty of responding in at least one of these ways. Next time I’ll know how not to respond. Take good care of yourself.

  • Love this! More power to you, more power to all of us:) I feel that blogs are special pieces of writing, unlike any other form of content writing, they provide a creative freedom where you can simply be you. It gives you an opportunity to be unapologetically expressive about your thoughts. We all know that once we express some thought, it becomes easier to accept and move forward, writing gives us just that!

  • First of all, congratulations on your 50th blog post! That’s an amazing achievement and you should be very proud of yourself. Secondly, thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging and how it can help reduce anxiety. I too have found that blogging has helped reduce my anxiety. The year when my anxiety was at it’s very worst was, incidentally, the year that I took a break from blogging to pursue postgraduate study. Blogging and interacting with like-minded people gives me an escape from whatever’s going on in my head. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts 😁

  • Welcome Human! Thank you for visiting my blog- I use it for therapy too- my Can Opener gets too busy with the tiny Humans around here and her husband and between them and my fat cat sister,(Sushi) I could lose my flipping whiskers!

    My only outlet is distracting the Can Opener from her computer long enough to blog about the big Boulder that keeps trying to kill me when I try to play with her.

    Sounds like we’re a match made in Heaven! 😺

  • I feel the same as you do about blogging; God has allowed us to connect as a community in love pulling down physical and mental barriers. It is a way to give back to others. Thank you, Servant Leader.

  • Congratulations for crossing 50 numbers of blogs. Your posts are highly motivational. Need of the hour, because it is seen that people are more stressful. Students have always stress. I can remember my old days of student life and even in my job, I faced tremendous stress. But that time neither there were blogs or people giving importance on mental health. Since I used to study ancient Texts and used to practice Yoga, meditation, Pranayama(Mindful Breathing), I could overcome my difficulties.
    You are doing great.
    My best regards.🙏🙏

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