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graduate school mindfulness

Hello to my favorite people. Please make yourself right at home and explore my blog. Here you will find very helpful advice about graduate school mindfulness, graduate school, fitness, and whatever else my mind comes up with. Above all, I hope you find these blog posts inciteful as well as entertaining. Take a look at my blogs that cover all of these wonderful topics. I hope you find what you are looking for. Also, please reach out to me if you have any suggestions. I know that many of the topics that I discuss are fairly common in the grad school community, but I may not cover all of them. If there is a specific subject that you would like me to cover, reach out to me. My email is at the bottom of the page. I would love to write more on subjects that interest the community.

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5 Stages of Grad School

Today’s post might be a tad bit longer than usual. I have been doing some really interesting lab work and have been quite busy, so I am going to take…

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Time to Accept Uncertainty

One of the best lessons that I learned while in grad school was life is all about uncertainty. I laugh at people when they are just “so sure” of something.…

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Days I Don’t Want To Write

If you read my blog, you have probably seen a few of these posts here and there. Let me link you to a few of them. (here, here, here). Dang,…

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How Do Grad Students Get to Class

There are many questions that you will probably ask when you start grad school. Where are my classes? Is my adviser going to me nice or mean? How much effort…

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Goals For This Year

This blog may come a bit later than most that deal with this topic, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not an important one. Creating goals for the year is…

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Skills You Learn in Grad School

I think the most brought up portion of grad school, other than how hard it can be, is the topic of skillsets. you are going to learn a ton of…

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