Audible Books You Must Listen To

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I am not the biggest fan of reading. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the amount of books I have read in the past 10 years. I know, I know, it is quite sad but I lack the ability to sit still for more than five minutes, so reading is difficult. I do, however, listen to Audible books.

As a grad student, my schedule is often quite all-over-the-place. I try and keep a consistent schedule but that never works out since my life often revolves around timed experiments, meeting, running to and from labs, as well as trying to find time for food. I do have a good chunk of free time most days where I am waiting on something so I tend to either try and read journal articles, or listen to books. I frequently walk pretty long distances, so to pass the time, I listen to books as well. Sometimes I go on extra long walks just to finish a chapter or find out what happens next.

Here’s a list of my favorite books that I have listened to.

They aren’t in any specific order but I will tell you my favorite afterwards.

  1. All of the Harry Potter novels
  2. The Shining
  3. Red Rising
  4. The Martian
  5. Ready Player One
  6. Ready Player Two
  7. 11-22-63

So my all time favorite book to have listened to is a tie between Ready Player One and Ready Player Two. Will Wheaton narrates both book and HOLY COW it is amazing. The story is just so fun and it really makes you wonder if something similar to what is going on will happen in the future. I highly recommend listening to these rather than reading them. It is a whole different experience.

The Harry Potter books are also amazing to listen to. They are narrated by Jim Dale, who does a fantastic job at it. For days where you are driving long distances, I suggest Harry Potter to keep you company lol.

Let me know in the comments what books you have listened to and what your favorites are. I am always looking for more to get. Peace!!

17 thoughts on “Audible Books You Must Listen To

  1. I like audiobooks too, though I use them at night to fall asleep to. The only draw back is, that the following night I have to search for s sweet place to pick the story back up again but, without them, I wouldn’t be sleeping much! My recent favourites are by C.J Archer, The Glass and Steele series, which start with, “The Watchmakers Daughter”.

  2. Tbh I am not into fiction novels, as weird as that sounds. Therefore, I can’t really relate to your list but I know people who adore Happy Potter. I like non-fiction books, particularly self-help books, and topics related to psychology, philosophy, and health/wellness. I never took a philosophy course in university – now THAT sounds boring! LOL

    I like self-help books and motivational podcasts. I recently discovered that most audiobooks are available on YouTube for free. 😊

  3. Interesting list, thanks. A strange suggestion, perhaps, but my children loved Frog and Toad audiobooks read by the author – I enjoy them myself, because the way he reads them makes the stories so hilarious.

  4. I listen to audiobooks in the car that I think I should have read, but know I am never going to, eg War and Peace, the Bible (I’m not a Christian, but it’s part of my cultural heritage). Librivox is a great source for these – like audible but free, and some of the readings are really good. I also listen to audiobooks to help me get to sleep, but for that I use familiar things and I have a collection of Terry Pratchett novels from audible for that. I’ll keep an eye out for your listening suggestions.

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