My Favorite Things on Days I Feel Sad

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Sadness comes and goes throughout life. Somedays you wake up and are just sad for no reason. Other times, something just happens to put you in a bad mood. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down and I think it is because of how rainy it has been in Florida. I love the rain but honestly haven’t seen the sun in about 2 weeks. I am going to keep this blog post a bit shorter today and just list off about 11 things I do to get over the “slumps”. So here is a list of things I do when I feel sad. Here we go!

  1. Sit Outside with a cup of coffee and read about coffee. I like to sip on French Vanilla or Hazelnut
  2. Go on a walk
  3. Just run around
  4. Watch Harry Potter (for the 10000000000th time)
  5. Next, Watch a Disney movie……after Harry Potter of course
  6. Bake a dessert
  7. Call up a relative or friend to talk
  8. Go on the internet and blog for people
  9. Read all of the amazing comments that people have for said blogs
  10. Count all of my blessing and really be grateful for what I have
  11. Talk to my Therapist.
  12. Find ways to motivate myself. I have been trying

Bonus: Play with 2 very cute puppies that refuse to fall asleep (What I am currently doing)

There are probably a million other things that help to bring me out of a sad mood but these puppies are just so darn cute and I can’t think of anything else. What do you guys do when you are sad? Let me know in the comments.

**If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues, I highly recommend that they seek help. or are great ways to reach out to a licensed therapist and get the help needed. Therapy has 100% helped me and I know it can help you.

19 thoughts on “My Favorite Things on Days I Feel Sad

  1. I don’t watch much Harry Potter, but I can watch the same Star Trek movie or episode over and over. And Forest Gump, too. It’s interesting how certain movies or shows give us comfort, (even after the 10000000000th time)

  2. Great post; thanks for this (and thanks for following my blog!). Fresh air and exercise are huge for me; I don’t know what I’d do otherwise. I also have a big list of movies that provide a great escape. And of course, petting my cat as she sleeps on my lap.

  3. You should try living in Scotland ! What I do is go onto my VR device and pretend I’m in Florida or the Caribbean by watching the travel videos or going to a beach or sunny forest. Gets me through a long cold dark winter.

  4. Oh I’ve got such a great remedy for such sad days with HEY HEY, MR. BLUE, LOOK AROUND FINDING CD’S OR BETTER YET FIND 33 Vinyl Records being the HOUSE DJ with making for much HAPPIER DAYS! I live, eat, and breathe MUSIC! Without it my existence would merely be a SHELL!

  5. I have a good cry, journal, count my blessings, read, coffee and rain make me happy. It’s a time my thought become more clear and it soothe my soul. Oh yoga , or just sit on my yoga mat.

  6. Hi Ben, saw your blog and noticed that we share the same last name – almost Mine is Swearingen. Different spelling. Would love to follow you, but WordPress says my email is invalid, even though I too have a WordPress blog. Anyway I will check in.

  7. When I’m feeling down I watch my favorite show dubbed “Suits” I love that show to the death. Also, I listen to my music jams & I have dogs now so I play with the puppies 🐕they really bring a smile out of me😁

    Great Post by the way Ben👏

  8. Thanks for liking my post. I’m in a different demographic to you (I’m 70) and don’t very often feel sad. I know what you mean about too much rain. It certainly can deflate your mood. We are in lockdown at the moment in Greater Sydney, NSW, Australia so it would be easy to get depressed. It’s also mid winter but we are getting sunny days and strong winds.

    I’m finding downloading books to suit my mood quite uplifting. I have an app called BorrowBox which allows me to access library books for free. Walks of course help, especially our nearby Botanic Gardens which are always changing. Writing stories for my grandkids and reading them on FaceTime is fun. I do a Zoom fitness class with my local gym which is at the University of Wollongong. This is three mornings a week and helps set me up for the day.

    It’s always good to have a project. My current one is staining the deck which has to be done every six months or so. Cooking something nice to eat is also good for body and mind. I access recipes from the WW site as I’m trying to keep healthy.

    As for TV the Olympics is on. I’ve found a channel that just shows the sailing. That keeps my husband transfixed for hours. I like to watch short events like the swimming or even the tennis but anything else goes on a bit long. I don’t rewatch movies but like to find a good series, often British crime, and watch up to three episodes at a time. At 11 o’clock each morning we watch our NSW Premier on TV giving us the latest news on the lockdown. Another month she said yesterday, until we (nearly) all get vaccinated.

    While in lockdown I’m looking at a fishing kayak I’m planning to buy as soon as we are free. Every day I plan to go for a ride on my bike but it doesn’t seem to happen. I also check out the caravan parked beside our house every couple of days, sometimes having lunch in it and testing out the new heater. We can’t go away in it until lockdown is over. Normally we would be in warm and sunny Qld at this time of year.

    There you have it. A picture of life for when you are 70 but hopefully you won’t have Covid-19 around when you reach that age.

  9. Hi Ben, reading this post, I was thinking hmmmm I don’t remember the last time I felt sad for no reason, and yet it used to happen to me a lot when I was younger. Then I read the comments and realised that lindamaycurry and I must be practically neighbours, and at the moment in lockdown are living very similar lifestyles. All I can add to others is that because I write, and do so every day if I can, then I seem so immersed in my characters that their lives become an extension of mine. No room for unexplained sadness there.

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