The Unlikely Benefits of Mindfulness

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I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over a year and a half now. Ever since starting therapy, I have been on a mission to find out the inner works of my mind and develop skills to cope with mental health. I have seen changes that I didn’t think were possible. Most of these changes are extremely positive and I am eternally grateful for what my therapist has done as well as my blog reader, yes you, have done.

There are quite a few unlikely benefits from practicing mindfulness that I want to share. I found these to be extremely surprising and have changed my life for the better.


1) People are coming to me for mental health advice

This is huge for me. People are reaching out directly to me for help with their emotions and mental state. Some of these individuals don’t even know I have a mental health blog and post about this stuff all of the time. This is awesome because it means that I have gained enough trust for someone to completely open up to me. I make sure to help them the best that I can but if it’s something out of league, I refer them to a therapist. I am just so flattered that people trust me enough to come to me for help.


2) People are using what I teach them to help others.

I think this is something that everyone would be happy to see. The student becomes the teacher. Someone who I have helped in the past is using what I taught them to help their friends and those close to them. This is huge! I love seeing people take things that I have brought up and use them to spread joy and kindness. We need more of this for sure.

brighter sky

3) I see things a little brighter.

There’s a weird phenomenon that happens to me, maybe to others, where colors dull when I am sad or in a bad mental state. This was what happened after my first panic attack, five years ago. I spent quite a few months in a bad mental spot. Colors were so dull and my thoughts were really bad. Practicing meditation, back the, started to really cause the vibrancy of colors to come back. I was actually thinking about this last night. I can remember the exact moment when I knew I was getting better. It was the moment I looked at the sky and the blue color changed to a more vibrant blue. It was just for a minute, but I knew I was on the right course.


4) I sleep better

Anxiety is mean. It forces you awake with racing thoughts all of the time and getting quality sleep is almost non existent. I had a conversation with a friend of mind about how well they sleep after practicing mindfulness. They, too, have experience way better sleep patterns than before. Of course, you will have moments where anxiety will keep you up or wake you up, but they will become few and far between as you continue to practice.


5) I am kinder

One thing that I have noticed, and you will start noticing now that you’ve read it, is how I talk about people then I say the word “but”. I would describe someone and be like, “So and So is super nice, super funny, an awesome person, but…..” then I would go on to say their flaws. When practicing mindfulness as well as “kindfullness” (check out Ajahn Brahm’s talk on this here), you will notice that you only find the good in people. You will send your description of people with kind things instead of the “but …”. Try describing some one to one of your friends or family without saying “but” or just notice when other’s talk. They will always describe something bad about others. Now start practicing “kindfullness” and notice how you will start seeing the good in all of those around you.

These are a few of the things that I have noticed when practicing mindfulness. People around me have also noticed that I am a much kinder person. This is what I aim to be in life and we need more people that are kind. If you have had some interesting effects from practicing mindfulness, please share them with us. I’d love to read about them. Also, check out my mindfulness section (here) on my blog

14 thoughts on “The Unlikely Benefits of Mindfulness

  1. I think I’ve been slacking off a bit on the mindfulness, but you are right. I need to focus on 4 and 5 right now (sleep’s been… well… a challenge) and I have the tendency to go for the negative sides of people and situations because I am not happy myself, right now. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You are young and if you realize meditation is a daily habit

    For me meditation/mindfulness has granted me the brief moments of relief from childhood abuse

    Keep up your path

  3. There are exercises to strengthen your mindfulness and use it in walking life

    Try to
    Enter tasks

    If you prepare a meal
    Slow down

    Be the knife that slices the vegetables

    You are creating the best meal with the current ingredients

    It’s not a chore when you enter that task

    Watch a seasoned meditator

    His/her actions have purpose
    There is no rush or wasted energy

    They are present and totally involved in the moment

    When I
    Do laundry

    I am
    Making my grandkids look as good as possible

    Each shirt is handled with care

    Until I hang it and move to the next one

    When I am upset I try to enter tasks

    At a stop light, waiting online or other mundane times, step back, take five deep breaths and see where your head is at

    Can you not use the word I

  4. #5 on you list reminded me of what my maternal grandmother would say, “Everyone has some good; you just have to look harder in some than others because everything that God made is good.” I understand what you mean when one says…but…

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