Why Everyone Needs Therapy

As you may have guessed, I suffer from a few different mental issues that are only worsened by my graduate studies. I have learned to cope with these feeling and have completely accepted that they are a part of who I am. I have come to peace with my anxiety and depression and have learned to live and THRIVE, mostly because I went to see a therapist. Let me stat off by saying that, yes.!!!, even you can benefit from therapy. You do not need to have anxious thoughts, or depression, or any mental illness whatsoever to benefit from seeing a therapist. Therapy is for everyone to help find methods to handle the struggles in life. There may be some crazy issues that you may face in the future, and therapy prepares you for those battles.

Luckily, my insurance covers the cost of using the app Talkspace or Online-Therapy. I was so nervous to see a therapist because I truly thought something was desperately wrong with me and therapy couldn’t help out. Boy was I wrong. My therapist was a professional in the field of anxiety as well as, I believe, family therapy. She had been a therapist for like 30 years, so she has dealt with everything. It did take me a few weeks to feel confident enough to truly open up to her.

About 3 months ago, she told me that she only needed to see me once a month because I was a totally different person than when I started. Being told that made me feel 1000 times happier than being accepted into a doctorate program. I have been able to cope with my emotions and feelings ever since. It truly is an amazing feeling.

Everyone should at least see a therapist once in their life. It is a scary thing to go see someone and truly open up to them but I can assure you that it is worth it. Talkspace was a good start and they were relatively cheap. Therapy is a great way of helping you get through every day struggles that you may have, or it might just be the boost and support to allow you to start that new chapter in your life. It allows you to address your fears and emotions and find ways to live with those things as well as use them as tools to progress in life.

Covid has led to a ton of people seeking therapy and that is amazing. People are understanding that something is wrong and want to correct that before it controls their lives. Isolation and loneliness were two big topics brought up by my therapist during the early stages of the pandemic. This really affected people and still does. You should never feel alone. You can be alone but should not feel lonely.

I hope the people that are on the fence about therapy go and see one. It truly was one of the best decisions of my life. In fact, this blog that I have created would not have been started without the help of my therapist. I hope you have an amazing day and I hope this blog was inciteful. Let me know if you go to therapy or someone you know does and how they feel about it.

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  1. I have always gone to vilent therapy but when I recommended it to someone I always received negative responses. Many people cannot pay for their sessions. And they also don’t want to face their problems and are afraid that doctors will prescribe them drugs. They are afraid of being considered crazy and do not want to talk to anyone.

  2. Thank you for your transparency. I too have struggled with anxiety and depression and I attended therapy sessions for 6 months . I will say that therapy really allowed me to be open in a nonjudgmental space, someone was finally listening with the intent to understand and not with the intent to respond. I felt free to discuss anything and every time we ended a session it felt like a load was lifted from my shoulders. Therapy definitely has many benefits.
    My oldest was diagnosed with severe social anxiety and her therapy sessions definitely allowed her to work towards that in her own time and at her own pace. She went from being terrified in a packed grocery store and avoiding isles , to attending a summer internship at our local hospital.

  3. It’s brilliant you are so open to this! You may need therapy at different points in your life to help you see or feel your way over various hurdles. I wouldn’t have put myself in the category of a person who needed it, until I did! It certainly have me the space to examine my feelings and behaviour.
    I take the point of Fairy Queen,it can be expensive. Not sure where you all are but in the UK you can access it online for free or be referred by your doctor.

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