Personal Training in Grad School: Advice

I want to give a little bit of insight when it comes to staying fit in college. First things first, don’t eat garbage food!!! That’s as much as I am allowed to say on that subject since I am a personal trainer and not a dietician. When it comes to staying fit in college, exercise is a major factor. You need to stay as active as you possibly can because the freshman 15 is a real thing. Here are a few things you can do to stay active:

1.Walk everywhere

Walking is by far the best thing that you can do during your college days because you do it every day, already. I joined a virtual walking app where it gives you a medal when you finish a certain distance. Check it out

2. Go to the gym

I am a personal trainer so I definitely push for this. Gyms in college can be a scary place at first but know that everyone cares about themselves and not what you are doing. Start off slow by maybe just touring the facility or going on the treadmill. This gets you introduced to the gym and accustomed to it. Soon you’ll be going there every day, lifting crazy amounts of weight!

3. Find a workout partner

I was lucky enough to have my friend push me to going to the gym at 6 am each morning. God that sucked but was totally worth it. Finding a reliable workout partner is a bit difficult, but if you do, they are invaluable. You can do workouts with them at home, outside, at the gym, in your garage, anywhere. They will keep you motivated and you can keep them motivated too.

4. Take up a club sport

Intramural sports are amazing. Club sports are amazing. Sports are just amazing!!! I joined flag football prior to the pandemic. I made a ton of friends doing it and it was such a good stress reliever. Grad school can be super demanding and you need time to just not think about it. Joining a sport is the way to go.

If you happen to have any more suggestions, please comment. I would love to know how you stay active in school. Cheers!!!!

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